Is Used Auto Glass Better for Replacement?

A car on the street with the windshield highlighted.

A Pros and Cons List

There are many annoying parts of life.  The dishes don’t get clean on the first cycle, your new house has draft, your food is slow to come to your table at a restaurant, your Wi-Fi doesn’t work.  The list of annoyances in life can be endless.   

Getting a crack in your windshield, or other glass piece on your car, is up there as some of the most aggravating annoyances. 

Not only is it visually distracting, a cracked, shattered, or chipped window or windshield can severely damage the integrity of the vehicle, as well as pose a danger to the driver and passengers. 

Replacing a windshield can also be expensive and time consuming, and some people may be looking for a cheaper and easier way to get this job done, causing them to consider the idea of using recycled auto glass. 

Is recycled auto glass actually better? Read on to see our comprehensive list of the pros and cons of using recycled and new auto glass.  

Pros of Used Auto Glass

  • Better for the Environment: With any item that has been used previously, reusing it again is always going to be the most sustainable option. Using recycled auto glass reduces your carbon footprint, as something new does not have to be created to fix your vehicle.  Premier Auto Parts is proud to say that we are a green facility.  Read more about that here
  • Costs Less: As with most recycled and previously used parts, the price of used auto glass will be significantly cheaper than that of a new piece of glass.  If you are on a budget, this is a factor to consider. 
  • Wider Selection for Older Vehicles: If you own an older vehicle, it may be more difficult to find a new piece of auto glass that is correct for your car.  When you buy used, you are more likely to find the perfect fit by using a piece of glass that already comes from the same car you own. 
  • Installation Options: You can always install it yourself to save money if you’re able, or leave it to a pro, depending on your budget and ability.  
A man sealing a windshield on a car.

Cons of Used Auto Glass

  • Check Your Warranty: Depending on your policy, getting recycled or used auto glass could void your warranty.  Double check this before purchasing used glass!
  • There Could Be Damages: If the glass was removed improperly, or previously damaged due to being in an accident when it was a part of its previous vehicle, it may not be the kind of quality you are looking for.  But at Premier Auto Parts, we only provide high quality used parts, ensuring you and your car’s satisfaction.   
  • Insurance May Not Cover It: Due to the glass being used or recycled, they may not be covered by insurance.  This is something to consider if you would like the part to be covered.

Note: For the process of buying recycled auto glass, you will need to know your cars production and manufacturing date

A car on the street with the windshield highlighted.

Pros of New Auto Glass

  • The Part is New: The auto glass is brand new, meaning it is hopefully devoid of any faults or damages that may come with a used piece. 
  • Warranty: There may be a warranty on the new piece of glass, aiding you if there is any damage. 
  • Insurance: There may also be the option to get insurance on the new part in case of anything happening to it after purchasing, but this will most likely add to the expense.  

Cons of New Auto Glass

  • Cost: Whether its from the cost of insurance, the warranty, installation, or even the cost of the piece of glass itself, the price will be very steep compared to a used or recycled piece of auto glass. 
  • Installation: With a new piece of glass, there may not be the option for you to install it yourself, possibly costing you more as well.


Overall, if cost is something on your mind, going with recycled auto glass will be the way to go! Visit Premier Auto Parts for quality recycled parts.  Contact us today to see how we can help you!