How are Cars Recycled?

How are Cars Recycled?​

How are Cars Recycled?

Auto recycling can be a very lucrative business for both the people involved and the earth. Recycling is on the rise as more and more people are learning more about what their habits do in effort to care for the planet. Whether you are looking to recycle a car for money purposes, or the green movement, the process will be the same. When you understand the process of recycling a car and get in the rhythm of doing so, you may start a profit driven business.

Dispose of Fluids

To start out, recycling a car requires all fluids to be drained from out of the vehicle. Taking apart a vehicle can cause sparks that will not react with the flammable fluids. Not only is engine fluid a major fire hazard throughout the process, but it is also dangerous to inhale the fumes. Having a proper disposal of fluids will help recycling the car a faster process and safer for the environment. Always ensure to get rid of the vehicle’s fluids before any other recycling step!

Take off the Good Parts

Many of the parts on a vehicle that are recyclable are suitable for future use. Strip the car of all reusable parts to save the recycler time and you some money- whether it’s an alternator, radiator, rear bumper, or a different component. The working parts can be sold or personally used in a vehicle that is in need. Many junkyards will take the usable parts off your hands to sell to customer. Selling these usable car parts can easily earn you some extra cash and save manufacturers from having to make even more- this is an environment benefit!

Shred the Frame

Remove all other components before a recycling organization shreds what is left of the vehicle. The vehicle frame will be separated into ferrous (iron) and non-ferrous (non-iron) metals using magnets within the shredder. The reasoning for separating these two types of materials because ferrous and non-ferrous metals serve different purposes within the vehicles. By separating them during this stage, makes for a more straightforward manufacturing process.

Combine Metals and Deliver to Manufacturer

Next, the scrap metal is then combined with other metals and brought to a manufacturer for reuse. The like-metals will then be combined to make them stronger, and a manufacturer often uses scraps from vehicles to create new cars. Recycling cars in this way does not only benefit the environment or the person that did the recycling, but also the manufacturer. Purchasing the scrap metal is more affordable than new metal which results in a lower manufacturing cost.

Recycle Your Own Car

Whether you plan to strip down your old car on your own or sell it to someone else to perform the recycling process, there are many benefits. You can make the money off the sale, help reduce emissions in the atmosphere, and contribute to help keep car process lower. If you are considering recycling your old car, it can be advantageous to you, others, and the environment.

How are Cars Recycled?​

Premier Auto & Truck Parts Can Help!

Premier Auto and Truck Parts purchases total loss vehicles and salvage vehicles from auctions, fleets, insurance companies, and individuals. We will take the undamaged and reclaimed car parts from these vehicles and utilize them. They will be inspected, dismantled, cleaned and tested.

If you are looking to sell your vehicle for parts don’t hesitate to contact us for more information OR if you are looking for recycled car parts for your current vehicle, we can help as well!

Check Out Our Reclaimed Car Parts Today! 

Auto Recycling: Things You Didn’t Know

auto recycling

Auto Recycling: Things You Didn’t Know

The average car is made up of over 30,000 separate parts, including the nuts and bolts. Overtime all of these parts will wear down and require repairs or replacements, especially if you are driving a used or salvaged car. Many of those auto parts can be easily repaired, while others can be sent to recycling stations for future reuse. That is not just good for your wallet, but also for the environment. Let us get into some common auto recycling habits that can save you money!

Engine (Reclaim)

Auto engines are meant to last a long time. If your car has a damaged engine, there is a high change you can get it repaired by a skilled mechanic. The cost will vary on the severity of the damage suffered by the engine. But in many instances, it will be less expensive than getting a new or remanufactured engine, and better for the environment.

Motor Oil (Recycle)

Did you know it is illegal to throw away used motor oil in most jurisdictions due to its toxicity? You can take your dirty oil to a nearby recycling/collection center where it can be cleaned and reused. Motor oil isn’t ideal for recycling since it never gets used up inside the engine, unlike gasoline or diesel.

Oil Filters

These should rank high on any list of recycled or reclaimed car parts since they degrade fast. Oil filters typically are changed every three months or ever other oil change. Used oil filters should not be thrown away with other garbage as it contains quite a lot of toxic motor oil residue. Modern oil filters are designed to be completely recycle-friendly.

To recycle the used oil filters from your vehicle, pack your oil filters in sealed plastic bags and head over to the nearest collection center for these parts.

auto recycling

Windshield Glass (Recycle)

If you recently got in a collision, chances are high that a few glass panes may need replacement. Traditionally, cracked, and damaged windshields usually end in landfills, due to their complex design. But technology has developed enough for auto glass to now be recycled. They can now separate the glass from plastic and use it in the manufacturing process for bottles and fiberglass insulation. They can even reuse the plastic from certain glass pieces for making carpet glue among other things.

Rims, Handles, Other Metal Party (Recycle)

Cars are composed of a lot of metal parts that are made from aluminum and valuable alloys. When parts such as rims have been damaged, the best thing to do is get a new set. But you should not throw away the old metal parts. It’s great for your wallet to sell them to a scrapyard. Melted down, they can yield the base metals which can be used to create other parts.

Car Batteries (Recycle)

Car batteries contain incredible toxic materials like lead and acid, they are the most dangerous waste parts you can find. In the US and Canada, there are strict laws on managing decommissioned car batteries. An estimated 98-00% of all used batteries end up getting recycled. The laws that are set in place require garages and auto shops to ship all used batteries to recycling centers. In some cases, batteries can be sent back to the original manufacturer. The lead and plastic case of the battery can be melted down further and used again.

Hoses & Belts (Reclaim/Recycle)

Often, belts in good condition are reclaimed from junked vehicles before they head to the scrapyard. Rubber hoses can be reused if they are still in working condition. If not, you can take to your local recycling center where they accept used rubber components. These parts typically end up getting shredded and used in creating synthetic tracks, playground surfaces, and roads.

Water Pump (Reclaim/Recycle)

One of the critical components for the engine block are the water pumps. They are located in the hard-to-reach area of your car. This means replacing them typically are expensive. If you are handy with a wrench and comfortable working with the internals of your car engine, you can replace or repair a faulty water pump on your own. This is also a part that is great for your wallet when it comes to recycling. You can return these pumps to auto part stores instead of throwing away.

Tires, Carpeting, and Mats (Recycled)

Manufactured from rubber, plastics, and polymers, these components do not degrade and should never be thrown away. Rubber parts end up getting recycled and used in landfills and in the creation of construction materials. The plastic within these parts can be reused to create new parts. You can even get some cash by depositing used tires and carpets are you local recycling center.

Recycled or reclaimed car parts are great from an economic and environmental perspective. With the heightened awareness on sustainability these days, it is quite easy to find recycling stations across the US. Premier Auto Parts is one of them!

If you are looking for a reliable recycled auto & truck parts company- choose Premier Auto Parts!

What are Automotive Cut Sheets

automotive cut sheets

What are Automotive Cut Sheets

Automotive cut sheets allow for vehicle recycling which is a great way to help the environment by keeping cars going even after they suffer from an accident or body damage! As people who are involved in the vehicle recycling industry, we could go on and on about all the benefits that there are to it. Did you know that a large part of your vehicle actually can be recycled? Even parts like your transmission, oil, and glass can be recycled if done properly! Click here to read our blog about 15 car parts that can surprisingly be recycled and reused. If you are unfamiliar with the recycling industry, you might not be familiar with the term “cut sheet”. We want to take some time to talk about cut sheets, what they are, and how they can save you money when it comes to your car repairs!

What Is A Cut Sheet?

Automotive cut sheets are essentially a large panel that is cut out to replace a specific section of your vehicle. The panel is cut to your specification based on your vehicle so that it is a perfect replacement for your damaged vehicle. Once it is made, the panel can be welded to the other sections of your vehicle to replace the damaged portion of your car. But what would be the reason that someone would want a cut sheet? Well, the most common reason for the use of a cut sheet is if the vehicle was in an accident. If your vehicle is in an accident you might have a large portion of your vehicle that needs some attention cosmetically, and cut sheets are a great solution to that.

vehicle cut sheet

Automotive cut sheets might seem daunting if you are not sure how to weld or make repairs to your vehicle, but if you are experienced and have some extensive knowledge about vehicle repair and the process – it might be something you want to explore a little more when you are ready to make some vehicle repairs. Although generally speaking, these larger repairs are best left to the professionals. If you find yourself in a spot where your vehicle is ready to see some repairs, ask your local body shop about a cut sheet and if it would be the best option for your vehicle!

If you are an automotive shop that is looking for a new source for your cut sheets, take a look at our Cut Sheet page today – You’ll find all the information you need including specific cut sheets for each type of vehicle you might be searching for, as well as directions for how to download, fill out, and send back a request form. If you would like to talk to a Premier Auto Parts representative about the cut sheet process and find out more details, feel free to contact us today.

We hope that these blog helps you understand cut sheets a little bit more as well as how they can be a great resource for you if you need vehicle repairs done.

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Your Guide To Buying A Used Car

Your Guide To Buying A Used Car

Your Guide To Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car can be a great way to save money, be conscious of the environment, and also get a great vehicle to last you for hopefully the next foreseeable years. Although buying a used car can be an attractive idea for many reasons, the process can also be a bit daunting. There are many different factors that come into play when you are considering making a used car purchase. Most times when a buyer is in the market for a used car, there is really limited knowledge of the vehicle, where it came from, and how the owner took care of it. The cosmetic care of the car will be fairly obvious, but that isn’t always a good way to gauge how well the mechanics were cared for. If you are in the market to buy a used car, we have a great short guide full of tips and tricks for you as you begin searching for your new vehicle.

1) Know Your Price

Knowing your vehicle budget before you go into the buying process can help you immensely when it comes to sticking to your price point. If you are buying from a dealer, you can almost always guarantee that a salesman will try to get to above your price point. So be sure to establish your budget BEFORE going to buy a car.

2) Don't Shop Alone

We recommend to NEVER shop alone. Shopping alone can leave you in a more vulnerable state than if you have someone with you. In the Youtube video, “Ten Rules Used Car Buyers Should Follow – Lehto’s Law Ep. 3.33” attorney Steve Lehto states that, “If you shop alone, especially at a car dealership you’re going to be outnumbered the second you’re on the lot and it’s much easier for someone to persuade you to buy something against your better judgement if you’re by yourself.”
Having a second set of eyes will help you stick to your price point, as well as help you possibly spot a potential issue or problem that you may have missed otherwise. It’s always a good idea to have someone with you as you car shop for a used vehicle.

3) Research the Vehicle

If you know what things you are looking for in a vehicle before you have a made a purchase, make sure to do your research. For example, you might know that you want a crossover, to replace your sedan and you would also prefer a Chevy over a Toyota. So do your research on Chevy crossovers, see which one fits what you are looking for. But remember, there are many different makes of vehicles, so if possible, do your best to research the various other makes, such as Ford, Honda, and Buick. All of these makes and others too carry various models of crossovers that should be taken into consideration. It is always a good idea to look into all of the vehicles that you can to have the most knowledge possible before going into the purchase process.

4) Look Up the VIN Online

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a great resource for you if you are in the market to find a used car. On the NHTSA website you can enter in your potential vehicles make, model, and even VIN number. Researching the VIN number will help you see what recalls might have been placed on the vehicle and if they are still in effect as well as what safety concerns might be posed with that specific make and model of vehicle. Be sure to educate yourself to the best of your ability with all the information that is accessible, and there is a ton of information that you can glean from the NHTSA website, you just have to look for it! 

5) Perform a Thorough Test Drive

When you do find a vehicle that you are interested in, it’s the right make, model, miles, color, or whatever other specifications you are looking for, it will be time to take it for a test drive. Many people take vehicles for a test drive around the block, but it’s important to drive your vehicle under complete road conditions. This includes getting it up to speed on the highway, as well as driving it more than just a few miles around the block. Take the time to thoroughly drive the car around and fully asses everything it is that you are looking for.

6) Hire a Mechanic

Our last tip for today when it comes to buying a used car is to hire a mechanic to come and take a look at the vehicle before you make a purchase. 

Your Guide To Buying A Used Car

Unless you are an avid gear head, there might be many things that would go unnoticed to you as you proceed through the purchase process. Many of those potential issues could be avoided with the help of an experienced mechanic to come take a look at the vehicle and just do a thorough check over. It would be worth the investment if you are able to catch a potential issue before making the purchase.

We hope that these short 6 tips will help you as you search for your next used car! If you found these tips helpful, please share them today!

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15 Car Parts That Can Surprisingly Be Recycled & Reused

15 Car Parts That Can Surprisingly Be Recycled & Reused

15 Car Parts That Can Surprisingly Be Recycled & Reused

Reducing Your Footprint While Giving Your Vehicle More Life

Recycling is a great way to reduce your footprint while also giving your used car some more life. If your vehicle has no life left in it, recycling the parts can also give someone else’s vehicle more time to serve them while also lessening the items that so often end up in a landfill. Where do you begin when it comes to recycling your car parts? What items CAN be recycled, and where do you go to do so? Read more below to learn more about 15 car parts that surprisingly can be recycled and reused to give your or someone else’s vehicle some more road time.


It’s likely that you “know” that engines can be recycled, but how does it actually work? If something happens to your engine and you need to replace it, it’s likely that the old one can still be salvaged. Many mechanics and gear fanatics have finished some great projects on used engines. Even if your engine cannot be salvages, it can still be taken apart for other engine parts. Contact us today to see if we can help, or go to your local parts dealer to see if they can point you in the direction of someone who can talk to you more about it!


Car batteries actually are one of the car parts that have a high percentage of recycling which is great, but there is always improvement to be made. Most states have laws that prevent people from discarding their batteries improperly – so be sure to take a look at what your state laws are when it comes to discarding your used batteries. Car batteries are filled with materials that are extremely toxic to the environment if not taken care of properly – and most old, used car batteries will be recycled to become new batteries to keep the next vehicle going.


You might be surprised to find out that tires CAN be recycled. Tires are not extremely biodegradable and so it’s important that they are recycled when all possible. If your tires are passed the point of being reused for another vehicle, don’t worry, worn down tires many times are shredded up to be used in various ways such as playground surfaces, asphalt, and even gasoline!


Transmissions, similar to engines can be taken apart, refurbished, and reused. It’s even been said that refurbished and rebuilt transmissions are more reliable and hold more life in them than the original.

Gas Tanks

Did you know that your gas tank can be recycled? First the gas of course that is in it needs to be removed (which can also be reused/recycled) but your gas tank can either be taken and used for another vehicle or it can also be scrapped out for cash!

Oil & Oil Filters

Both your engine oil and your oil filters can be recycled – and it makes a big difference too! If you get your oil changed by a local oil change facility, you can be sure that your filters and used oil are being disposed of properly. If you do oil changes yourself at home, locate a local auto parts store and inquire if they will recycle your old oil.


Countless amounts of glass are thrown into landfills every year, glass is non-biodegradable and takes an enormous amount of time to degrade, which is why it’s so important to recycle your windshield, or other glass features in your car. Car glass can be used for making bottles, floor tiles, jewelry, and other glass products!

recycled car parts

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal makes up the majority of your vehicle, and surprisingly, it’s even worth some money! Scrap metal is often valued directly based on the weight of the material. Take your scrap metal to a local scrap yard to earn some cash all while recycling your unwanted items.

Starters & Alternators

Starters and alternators both have valuable materials hidden in them. When bringing your starter and alternator to a recycling service, or salvage/junk yard you can expect to earn some cash for the piece of your car. Starters and alternators can also be rebuilt to give your vehicle more life to keep going.

Fluids - Gas, Coolant, Windshield Washer Fluid

Your vehicle has tons of fluids that can be taken out, cleaned, reused, or recycled. Be sure to do your research about local places that will recycle your fluids, or if you are confident enough, you can do it yourself!

Water Pumps

Water pumps are another one of the many car parts that can be reused and recycled! Water pumps are not only super important to the function of your vehicle but they also are known to last long! Don’t rule out the value of your vehicles water pump when you are ready to get rid of your car.

Vehicle Plastics

All your vehicle plastics can be recycled to be used for new products. Car plastics include dashboards, bumpers and other items on your car that can be separated and reused in the future. You never know how your car might be reused in the future!

Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses can also be reused if they are in good enough condition! They are an important part in your vehicle and can easily be transferred to another vehicle when one vehicle looses it’s life.

Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter is a part of your vehicles exhaust system that transforms your contaminants from your vehicles exhaust to be less harmful to the environment. Not many people know that your catalytic converter can be recycled – even for cash. Call around to your vehicles car dealership, your local auto or exhaust shop to see if they will recycle your converter or point you in the direction you need to go!

Vehicle Carpets & Mats

Carpet is almost never biodegradable and there are great ways to dispose of carpet. There is now a group called the “Carpet America Recovery Effort” or CARE. With the carpet America recovery effort you can find reclamation partners close to you to drop off your old and used carpet. With just a little bit of work on your part you can make a big difference for your community.

We hope that you learned something new about all the items in your vehicles that still hold value as well as how you can use those items to lessen your footprint and take care of the earth a little bit better. If you have questions about recycling and would like to explore what options you might have with us, contact us today!

What to Expect From a Quality Used Engine

used engines

What to Expect From a Quality Used Engine

Used Engines Are Great! So What Can You Expect?

Here at Premier Auto and Truck Parts, we pride ourselves in only selling quality used engine for both domestic and foreign cars, trucks, and SUVs.  All of our recycled engines are original equipment parts from salvage vehicles that are only ten years old and newer. They typically have low mileage as well. After having the engines removed from the vehicles, these engines are inspected at least three times. Best of all, these quality used engines come with our standard 6 months parts warranty!

How do you know if you need a quality recycled engine?

Here are some warning signs that your car engine may need to be replaced:

  • Bumpy, jerky riding caused by dead or misfiring cylinders
  • Black smoke means there is too little air or gas in the engine
  • Blue smoke means that your engine is burning too much oil
  • White smoke means that there is a damaged cylinder head or head gasket
  • Loud, knocking noises may indicate a failed bearing
  • Continuous repair jobs may be a sign that you need a new engine
used engines for sale in Michigan

What are some benefits for buying a quality used engine?

  • Saving Money

One of the most obvious reasons for buying a quality used engine is the cost savings. The price of a brand new engine, (depending on the model and year of your vehicle), can vary considerably. It could cost you far more than what you are willing to pay. A used engine is your solution to get your vehicle running again.

  • Trusted Reliability

Contrary to what most people think, used engines can be much more dependable than a new engine. Used engines have been tested and tried again and again to make sure they are in excellent condition before being purchased. This dependability will save you time and money in the future.

  • Going Green

Buying a used engine prevents the engine from ending up in a landfill and contributing to the waste. It also decreases the amount of energy that would be used to produce new engines as well as lowering the amount of greenhouse gasses and emissions in the environment.

  • Hassle-Free

At first, it may seem it would be easier to just buy a new car. However, you will have to go through the process of contracts, forms, insurance policies, as well as the added costs of purchasing a new car. So, although replacing your engine with a quality used engine may require more work and time upfront, the benefits will far outweigh the hassles and costs of buying a new car.

quality used engine

While buying a quality used engine is a great idea, there are some benefits with buying a new car engine. It all depends on your situation that you are in. Call us with any questions you might have about buying a new or used car engine.

5 Reasons to Buy a Quality Used Engine

quality used engines

5 Reasons to Buy a Quality Used Engine

Well… your engine just failed on your daily driver. You are now faced with the question, “Do I replace my engine or buy a new car?” There are many benefits to purchasing a quality used engine. Here are five reasons why you’ll want to consider coming to Premier Auto and Truck Parts, and buy used engines in Grand Rapids, MI.

Cost Savings

One of the most obvious and sought after benefits of buying a used engine is the significant cost savings. Depending on the year and model of your vehicle, the cost of a new engine can vary drastically. This can end up being a price that is a lot more than you bargained for. Purchasing a used engine is the way to go when you are looking for a more affordable way to restore your vehicle to its former glory.

quality used car truck suv engines

Extended Warranty Coverage

Most people think buying a used engine is a huge risk. At Premier Auto and Truck Parts we take the fear out of your next used engine purchase.  Every engine we sell comes with our industry leading 6-month parts warranty.  But we don’t stop there.  We also offer 1 Year, 3 Year, and Lifetime Parts and Labor warranties on all of our quality used engines.  What does this mean for you?  This means that if you purchase an extended 1Year, 3 Year, or Lifetime warranty with your used engine, not only will we provide a free replacement if that used engine fails, but we will also pay the labor to have a replacement used engine installed in your vehicle!

Trusted Reliability

Believe it or not, used engines may be more reliable than their new counterparts. The fact that they have already been tried and tested shows that they function and run properly, which can’t be said for brand new engines that have never been used. When making such a big purchase as an engine, knowing that it is dependable and reliable is a key benefit that can ultimately save you additional money in repairs or replacements.

Going Green

Saving some green isn’t the only benefit to used engines in Michigan, but they even help you go green. Buying used engines or any auto part, for that matter, prevents them from ending up in a landfill, and contributing to the waste stream. An increase in used engine purchases can also significantly decrease the amount of energy that would be used to produce new ones, which lowers the amount of greenhouses gases and emissions put into the environment.


Before you think that simply buying a new car is the easy route, don’t forget all that comes with it. From a new registration to changes in insurance policies, there are many more costs and headaches that come with purchasing a new car. While replacing an engine may cost a little extra work upfront, the benefits far outweigh both the cost and hassles that can come with a new car purchase.

To see our used front and rear axles CLICK HERE.

To see our quality used tires CLICK HERE.

When you are looking for a trusted source for used engines in Grand Rapids Michigan, come to Premier Auto and Truck Parts. For more information, call 1-800-397-6812.

The Purest form of Recycling…

auto parts recycling

The Purest form of Recycling…

"The original recyclers!"

You may not be aware that automotive recycling is recycling at the purest. Re-use is the ultimate form of recycling. Raw materials and expensive manufacturing are not required when a quality used auto part is removed from another vehicle and used again. An astounding 86 percent of each vehicle is recycled.

What does that mean annually?

  • Six million tires are recycled
  • 100 million Gallons of Gas and Diesel fuel are recycled
  • 24 Million gallons of motor oil are recycled
  • Eight million gallons of engine coolant and 4.5 million gallons of windshield wiper fluid are recycled
  • Every year end of life vehicles produce over 14 million tons of steel to be reused and recycled
  • More than 97 percent of all the vehicle battery lead is recycled

Certified Auto Recyclers and others like Premier have removed over 4 million switches containing mercury. This effort has stopped over 8500 pounds of environmentally contaminating mercury from causing dangerous pollution.

With the effort of conscious auto recyclers, the vehicle is one of the greenest products on the planet!

The size of the American automotive fleet currently numbers approximately 270 million vehicles, nearly one apiece for every man woman and child in the country. Of these, it is estimated that nearly 11 million vehicles are taken off the road each year when they are totaled in accidents or reach their end-of-life.

premier recycled

Premier Auto and Truck Parts in Cedar Springs, MI is a Certified “Green” Yard who prides themselves in offering our customers great savings while promoting a green environment. All harmful pollutants are contained and disposed of properly throughout our dismantling operation.

Premier Auto and Truck Parts has been in business since 2000 and plans to be doing our part in cleaning the environment for many years to come!