Specials & Promotions

Premier accepts any type of quality used domestic or foreign auto, truck, or SUV. These include, but are not limited to, the following.


  • Used Chevy vehicles
  • Used Buick vehicles
  • Used GMC vehicles
  • Used Ford vehicles
  • Used Jeep vehicles
  • Used Saturn vehicles
  • Used Chrysler vehicles
  • Used Dodge vehicles
  • Used Pontiac vehicles
  • Used Cadillac vehicles


  • Used BMW vehicles
  • Used Lexus vehicles
  • Used Hyundai vehicles
  • Used Honda vehicles
  • Used Toyota vehicles
  • Used Mazda vehicles
  • Used Nissan vehicles
  • Used Volkswagen vehicles
  • Used Subaru vehicles
  • Used Kia vehicles
quality used transmissions west michigan

Do you have or know someone who has a vehicle that we may want to purchase?

Maybe you got into an accident and didn’t have insurance, and you just need someone to buy your car because it’s not worth repairing?


quality used transmissions

Premier Auto & Truck Parts is offering a $50 finders’ fee for information leading to the purchase of a quality salvage vehicle. 

See how many you can come up with!

Contact Chris in our purchasing department if you have a lead. 


Used Tires for Sale

We also have sets of good used tires starting at $99 and good

Used individual tires starting at $20.00/tire.

You can be assured that Premier only sells quality used tires that have been tested for safety and reliability.  


used car batteries

Premier also provides good, tested, used batteries for $35 with a 1 year warranty!!! As with all our recycled used parts, the batteries are inspected. They are resold only if they pass this inspection.


automotive referral

In addition to receiving discounts on parts, you may Contact Us and ask for Scott for any automotive referrals. If you need work done on your vehicle but don’t know where to go, we will be more than happy to refer you to a reputable repair facility.