buying used tires

Buying Used Tires: Are They Safe, Should You Do It, & How Much Can You Save?

Tires can be one of the most expensive items you purchase for your vehicle. Though you don’t need to replace them often, it’s quite important for you to have the right tires that fit both your vehicle and budget.

However, not everyone can afford to purchase those shiny new tires- especially as the cost of owning a vehicle continues to increase. Since new tires are so expensive, you might have thought about the idea of purchasing used tires.

Perhaps the bigger question is whether they are safe for you and your passengers. Sure, you might save money, but you should also consider safety when you buy tires. In this blog, we will examine the pros and cons of new versus used, and how pre-owned tires can have their advantages if you are shopping on a budget.

Used Tires vs. New

With buying new tires they are covered by a plethora of warranties including tread life and quality of construction. In terms of handling, braking, steering feel, comfort, and road noise, the new tires will be the cream of the crop.

If there is one thing certain about buying new tires is that they do cost more, especially if your vehicle has 19 or 20-inch wheels. If your vehicle requires a set of high-performance or ultra-high-performance rubber, you will pay more.

This is where purchasing used tires from Premier Auto comes into play. Granted they don’t come with that type of warranty, but you can potential savings of hundreds of dollars while still getting the correct tires you need. The saved money can be then used for repairs, maintenance, or installation costs including balancing or alignments.

Buying used tires is also a great solution for leased vehicles. If you think you’re going to hit the mileage on your lease, you can avoid additional penalties with a set of pre-owned ones. Then when the lease expires, swap the used tires for the OEM rubber ones!

Is Buying Used Tires Safe?

It depends! Not all tires are made the same. Some might have more patches than most, but that doesn’t equate to the tire being bad. The general rule is for you to check two things before purchasing: tread depth and damage. You should stay away from buying anything with a tread depth near the limit of 3/32”.

Once your tread reaches that limit, it’s time for a different set. When you are looking for used tires always look for a safe tread depth. You should move on if you see any visible signs of damage, deep cuts, irregular wear, bulges, or deformation.

If you don’t have access to a tread depth gauge, there is an easy remedy that also can check your current tires. Place an upside-down quarter between the grooves and look at Washington’s head. If you can see all of it, it’s time for a different set.

How Long Do Used Tires Last?

Not all makes and brands offer excellent wear longevity. Some are better than others, while in some cases tread life is determined by the type of tire you are looking for. For example, touring tires are expected to wear slower than performance rubber or summer tires. The same thing can also be said for H/T or highway terrain tires for pickup trucks or SUVs, which have a longer wear characteristic than A/T or all-terrains.

There are many factors that inhibit your tread life including the general condition of the vehicle, driving behavior, the number of miles traveled, and existing road/weather conditions. When trying to answer the question of how long will a given set of tires last, new or used: it depends on how you drive your vehicle and where.

How Do I Choose a Good Set of Used Tires?

We suggest not to purchase anything unless there is at least 7 to 9/32” of tread depth- and even more, if it’s for a truck or SUV tire. Anything less than that is probably a bad idea for longevity, comfort, or traction. Make sure to check the listings carefully wherever you shop.

Where Can I Buy Used Tires in West Michigan?

Premier Auto and Truck Parts is a great choice for buying used tires. You can be assured that we only sell quality used tires that have been tested for both safety and quality. We have sets of used good tires starting at $99 and also good individual tires starting at $20/tire.