Recycled & Used Tires

The Importance of Good Tires

If you live in Grand Rapids, or just West Michigan in general, you already know that the weather is never consistent. Conditions are always changing, but that doesn’t have to keep us off of the road. Good, reliable used tires in Grand Rapids are not just beneficial, but they are critical. In adverse weather conditions, you need tires that you can trust to respond instantly in emergency situations. 

The condition of your tires also determines your ability to maintain control maximum control of your vehicle whether driving at high speeds on dry roads or stopping instantaneously when they’re covered in snow and ice. Did you know that good, quality tires on your car or truck can also contribute to better fuel economy and increased overall vehicle performance? We know it can be challenging to find quality used tires in Grand Rapids & the surrounding area but look no further.

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We Have a Tire Rack On Site!

Did you know we have a self-service tire rack on-site? These include single-used tires still in good shape for only $20 a piece!

Come visit us & see if you find any! 

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Good Tires Are Important...but Why Used?

There are tons of reasons and benefits to buy used tires, they are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and the process is simple! Not only do you have freedom to buy one single tire to match existing tires if that’s all you need, but it’s also easy to get an entire set if it’s time to replace them all of your old tires.
You also might consider buying used tires if you:

  • Just need one single tire, not an entire set
  • Need a whole set but don’t have the budget to afford all new ones
  • Are getting ready to trade in or sell your car, but replacing the tires first could help you get a better price

But...are used tires reliable?

In short…yes, used tires can be totally reliable when they are being sold by the right company. In order to ensure that all of the used tires that we sell are reliable, they go through a thorough inspection and testing process before they even enter into our inventory. We guarantee that our tires are safe and ready to be installed before we sell them to you.
Not only does each tire go through a rigorous inspection and testing process, but we also implement a quality assurance check that includes assessing any damage that the tires might have, checking air pressure, and checking tread depth. 

Our tire inventory is constantly changing, but we see a wide variety of tires come through our doors. If you are interested in knowing what our current inventory looks like, contact us today!

-Passenger tires
-Truck tires
-All-season tires
-All terrain tires
-Snow tires
-Performance tires

Interested in Learning More About What Used Tires We Have Available?

Proper tire maintenance can help ensure that you get the best use from your tires. By following these tips you can not only extend the life of your tires, but also continue to guarantee safety.

-Check your tire inflation pressure at least once a month.
-Follow an appropriate tire rotation schedule.
-Balance your tires as needed.
-Examine for any abnormal wear or damage.
-Assess the tread depth.
-Amount of miles
-Inflation pressure
-Vehicle weight
-Storage conditions
-Types of roads: highway vs. city streets

There are lots of tips regarding your tires in order to keep them in the best shape possible so they can serve you and your vehicle well.

-Store in a dark place away from direct sunlight.
-Store your tires in low humidity
If your tires are showing uneven wear:
-Check your vehicle’s alignment.
-Check your wheel and tire balancing.
-Ensure your spare tire is always properly inflated and ready to be used.
-Check that you have the right tire size for the weight of your vehicle.
-Make sure that are using the right tires for the varying weather condition.

To learn more about when to change your tires out, check out our blog post- When is it Time To Change my Tires?