Get Ready For Spring With These Few Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Your Car This Year!

If you live anywhere where the cold & snow hits during the winter time, you know that snow and ice can do some damage to your vehicle. Check out our list of maintenance tips for your car this spring, to minimize long term damage & make sure you’re car is ready for the warmer weather.

-Get rid of that salt! Salt can seriously damage your car long term, the underbody of your car is mostly made out of metal, so it’s important to minimize rust & make sure that you get all the salt washed off completely during & after the winter season.

spring vehicle maintenance

-Check your tires & air pressure. Mechanics recommend to rotate tires every 5,000 to keep tread wear even. After a long winter of driving, especially on ice & snow, make sure to check your tires, rotate them as needed & double check the pressure including your spare!

-Inspect your brakes! This should go without saying, but your brakes are a very important, no, crucial part to your vehicle & inspecting your brakes should be a part of a regular maintenance routine, not just in the spring.

-Fill your fluids. Check your wiper fluid, engine coolant, oil, & everything else. Make sure that all your fluids are full or where they need to be. Oil should be changed regularly & can be done at home or by a mechanic if you prefer.

-Wax & wash the exterior: After getting all the excess salt off of your car, by washing it thoroughly (underbody & all) a detailed wax job can be one of the most important things you can do to protect your car going into the spring time. (Don’t forget to clean the inside too)

-Check suspension & alignment. If you deal with a Midwest winter you know potholes well, potholes along with snow drifts & other elements of mother nature can really affect your alignment & suspension. Make sure to have them checked out, it should cost only $25-$40 & it is completely worth it!

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