Where do I sell my car for parts

Most Valuable Parts of My Car to Sell to an Automotive Recycler

All cars have some sort of value; no vehicle is completely worthless. With that being said, there are parts of your car that are worth more than others, just like everything else in the world. If you have a vehicle that you believe is a good candidate for a scrap yard and you’re asking yourself, “Where do I sell my car for parts in Grand Rapids?” you are in the right spot! Let’s discuss where the more valuable car parts are in your vehicle.

Under the Hood

There are a couple of parts under your hood that can be sold for reuse or recycling including these below:

Engine and Transmission

If your engine and transmission are currently running, they can be used for another vehicle. Premier Auto Parts will purchase your engines and transmissions for rebuilds. If your vehicle doesn’t run, there could still be value in it. Engines and transmissions contain aluminum and infinitely recyclable metal. Scrap metal buyers would be willing to pay market rates for those used parts.


If your A/C system works and is functioning properly it can be resold. If you decide to separate your system into individual parts you will most likely get the most bang for your buck. If you have a functioning compressor, that car part can help repair other A/C systems since it is so versatile.

Alternator and Starter

Your alternator and starter are valuable due to the copper wiring contained in their cases in addition to their ability to be useful for rebuilds.


This is another useful source of recyclable aluminum.

Under the Car

Other valuable car parts can be found when climbing underneath the vehicle

Catalytic Converter

There are many extremely valuable metals contained in the catalytic converter such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum. In fact, this could be the most valuable single component of your vehicle.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires are typically the easiest parts to remove from your vehicle and the easiest to assess. There is a lot of demand for used tires that still have a good amount of life left in them which makes them easy to sell. You can sell the wheels and tires separately or as a set. You can also sell worn wheels and tires for recycling purposes.

Where do I sell my car for parts

Inside the Car

There are a lot of additional parts inside the vehicle that can be recycled or reused. Here are a couple of the most valuable parts.

GPS/ Navigation System

Even though drivers typically use their smartphones for getting from place A to place B, built-in GPS/ Navigation Systems are pretty valuable within themselves for individuals who are looking for a replacement.

Audio System

The same idea goes for your audio system especially if it’s an aftermarket model that can be used for a handful of vehicles.


Of course, airbags that have been deployed cannot be reused, but fully intact airbags are worth quite a bit of money. You can find many body shops that would be thrilled to purchase your functional airbags.

Other Parts

Other inside car parts that are valuable are seats, door panels, and the center console can be sold separately, especially if your vehicle is collectible or rare.

Outside the Car

Automotive recycles like Premier Auto and Truck Parts are always on the lookout for replacement body parts that are intact, including bumpers, fenders, hoods, doors, windows, windshields, mirrors, headlights, taillights, trunk, tailgate, and more! 

Premier Auto and Truck Parts Can Help!

If taking apart your vehicle and selling off the valuable parts sounds like your next project, great! It does take extensive knowledge, experience, and time to get it done the right way and find buyers for all the parts.

If not, then you have another option! You can sell your car to Premier Auto & Truck Parts who will give you a great deal and take away the other added stresses. We purchase quality salvage vehicles throughout Michigan. With our commitment to quality, integrity, and excellent customer service, we have quickly risen to be industry leads! 

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