buying used car parts

Car Parts You Should Consider Buying Used

When you experience your vehicle breaking down or consistently having issues you might be looking for a replacement part. Nowadays, people are shying away from purchasing a brand new part because of their higher prices and rather looking into quality used car parts. When repairing your vehicle, finding a way to save money can be critical.

Premier Auto & Truck Parts is proud to provide their customers with operable, affordable, and quality used car parts. Used car parts are an excellent way to fix your vehicle and save some money while doing it. We’ve come up with a list of car parts that you can purchase used to help save yourself some money.


Since tires are extremely durable, they’re often still in working condition even after they hit an automotive recycler. A set of brand-new tires can cost hundreds of dollars, while a set of gently used tires can save you money and still provide you with dependability.

Before you head out to find gently used tires from an automotive recycler, check out Buying Used Tires: Are they Safe, Should You Do It, And How Much Can You Save for some quick tips.

Wheel Rims

In addition to tires, wheel rims can experience some of the most extreme conditions, which makes them ready for another vehicle even if the original vehicle is deemed totaled.

If you are looking for replacement wheel rims, come stop by Premier Auto Parts and save yourself some money. Or, if you are looking to update your current set of wheel rims, buying used is an excellent way to save some cash while also improving your vehicle’s aesthetic.

Check out our current used car parts inventory today!

Rearview & Side View Mirrors

Not all collisions ruin a vehicle’s rearview or side-view mirrors, which makes them a great car part to purchase used. If your vehicle recently was involved in an accident and lost a mirror or two, consider shopping at your local automotive recycler and purchase some used ones. They’ll do just as great as the originals, and you’ll save yourself some money.

buying used car parts


When your power locks wear out or malfunction, you may feel tempted to spend however much it takes to be able to lock your car with the same ease. At an automotive recycler like Premier Auto, you can find power locks at a much better price point compared to buying the part brand new. Our team will help you find the best power locks for your specific vehicle.


One of the most daunting and disheartening malfunctions for a vehicle owner is a broken transmission. Transmissions are an expensive part to replace, which makes the opportunity to save some money here a little more desirable.

At Premier Auto & Truck Parts, we offer high-quality used transmissions, both manual and automatic for most makes and models of vehicles. We thoroughly inspect all our parts to ensure their quality to the best of our ability and we offer a standard 6-month warranty.


If your engine needs extensive repairs or is up for replacement, it’s never a bad idea to research buying a used engine. New engines typically range from $4,000 – $7,000, depending on whether your vehicle requires a four-cylinder, a V6, or V8.

Purchasing a quality used engine, on the other hand, can be significantly less money than buying new. If you are looking to save some cash purchasing a used engine is the way to go, especially from a reputable automotive recycler.

Fenders & Bumpers

Recently got in a fender bender? Or maybe a hit and run? Don’t pay more than you have to for a new fender or bumper because you can most likely find the perfect match at your local automotive recycler for a fraction of the price.

Generally, you’ll pay somewhere between $50 – $200 for a used part, while a new part replacement will cost anywhere from $100 – $1,000.

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Save Some Money on Used Car Parts at Premier Auto & Trucks Parts in Cedar Springs Michigan

If you are in need of replacement parts for your vehicle look no further than Premier Auto. Buying used car parts from Premier can save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. Rather than shelling out for overpriced new parts, stop by Premier Auto in Cedar Springs, MI to browse our inventory. You can also check out our eBay shop to search for your car part at a price you can work with.

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