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Auto Recycling: Things You Didn’t Know

The average car is made up of over 30,000 separate parts, including the nuts and bolts. Overtime all of these parts will wear down and require repairs or replacements, especially if you are driving a used or salvaged car. Many of those auto parts can be easily repaired, while others can be sent to recycling stations for future reuse. That is not just good for your wallet, but also for the environment. Let us get into some common auto recycling habits that can save you money!

Engine (Reclaim)

Auto engines are meant to last a long time. If your car has a damaged engine, there is a high change you can get it repaired by a skilled mechanic. The cost will vary on the severity of the damage suffered by the engine. But in many instances, it will be less expensive than getting a new or remanufactured engine, and better for the environment.

Motor Oil (Recycle)

Did you know it is illegal to throw away used motor oil in most jurisdictions due to its toxicity? You can take your dirty oil to a nearby recycling/collection center where it can be cleaned and reused. Motor oil isn’t ideal for recycling since it never gets used up inside the engine, unlike gasoline or diesel.

Oil Filters

These should rank high on any list of recycled or reclaimed car parts since they degrade fast. Oil filters typically are changed every three months or ever other oil change. Used oil filters should not be thrown away with other garbage as it contains quite a lot of toxic motor oil residue. Modern oil filters are designed to be completely recycle-friendly.

To recycle the used oil filters from your vehicle, pack your oil filters in sealed plastic bags and head over to the nearest collection center for these parts.

auto recycling

Windshield Glass (Recycle)

If you recently got in a collision, chances are high that a few glass panes may need replacement. Traditionally, cracked, and damaged windshields usually end in landfills, due to their complex design. But technology has developed enough for auto glass to now be recycled. They can now separate the glass from plastic and use it in the manufacturing process for bottles and fiberglass insulation. They can even reuse the plastic from certain glass pieces for making carpet glue among other things.

Rims, Handles, Other Metal Party (Recycle)

Cars are composed of a lot of metal parts that are made from aluminum and valuable alloys. When parts such as rims have been damaged, the best thing to do is get a new set. But you should not throw away the old metal parts. It’s great for your wallet to sell them to a scrapyard. Melted down, they can yield the base metals which can be used to create other parts.

Car Batteries (Recycle)

Car batteries contain incredible toxic materials like lead and acid, they are the most dangerous waste parts you can find. In the US and Canada, there are strict laws on managing decommissioned car batteries. An estimated 98-00% of all used batteries end up getting recycled. The laws that are set in place require garages and auto shops to ship all used batteries to recycling centers. In some cases, batteries can be sent back to the original manufacturer. The lead and plastic case of the battery can be melted down further and used again.

Hoses & Belts (Reclaim/Recycle)

Often, belts in good condition are reclaimed from junked vehicles before they head to the scrapyard. Rubber hoses can be reused if they are still in working condition. If not, you can take to your local recycling center where they accept used rubber components. These parts typically end up getting shredded and used in creating synthetic tracks, playground surfaces, and roads.

Water Pump (Reclaim/Recycle)

One of the critical components for the engine block are the water pumps. They are located in the hard-to-reach area of your car. This means replacing them typically are expensive. If you are handy with a wrench and comfortable working with the internals of your car engine, you can replace or repair a faulty water pump on your own. This is also a part that is great for your wallet when it comes to recycling. You can return these pumps to auto part stores instead of throwing away.

Tires, Carpeting, and Mats (Recycled)

Manufactured from rubber, plastics, and polymers, these components do not degrade and should never be thrown away. Rubber parts end up getting recycled and used in landfills and in the creation of construction materials. The plastic within these parts can be reused to create new parts. You can even get some cash by depositing used tires and carpets are you local recycling center.

Recycled or reclaimed car parts are great from an economic and environmental perspective. With the heightened awareness on sustainability these days, it is quite easy to find recycling stations across the US. Premier Auto Parts is one of them!

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