8 tips to save money on car repairs

8 Tips to Save Money on Car Repairs in the Middle of Covid-19

Since we are all living in the middle of a global pandemic there have been many new ways of life that we have all adapted including wearing face masks, sanitizing more intentionally, booking appointments to do otherwise simple tasks, working from home, and many other things too. We cannot deny that life looks quite different for many people right now, and we recognize that this might include your vehicle. For some people the difference might be that they are hardly using their vehicle right now if they are working from home and limiting outings, for others it might be navigating the new waters of a vehicle repair in the midst of a pandemic. No matter what it is, I think it is safe to say that most people are trying to save some extra money in these uncertain times which is why we want to share with you 8 different tips to help you save money on car repairs midst of Covid-19.

Keep Your Battery Active

For many people less driving is a result of the coronavirus, there are many people working from home, and many people not working at all. It can be a bit rough for our vehicles to stay unused for so long, especially for the battery. Taking the time to just get out and drive your vehicle around for 20-30 minutes per week will help keep your battery charged and all of your vehicle parts moving and working.

Check All Vehicle Fluids (that you can)

Take some time to check your vehicles fluids, now is the perfect time to get to know your vehicle better! Take a look at your oil, washer fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. If you are unsure how to check each of these or where they are located under your cars hood, check your user manual! There is tons of great information that will help you keep your vehicle safe and on the road.

Change Your Oil

Oil changes are likely one of the most regular things that you do to upkeep your car, and it turns out, it’s fairly simple to do at home if you are willing to learn. Be sure to do your research so you know how much and what kind of oil to use. Check your user manual for any necessary information or call a friend who might have some more experience than you do. All in all, changing your vehicle’s oil simply requires you to drain the old, change the oil filter, and add new oil. Be sure to do your research to go through the correct process for your vehicle!

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Buy Used or Recycled Parts

Buying used or recycled car parts to make repairs is one of the best ways to save money on car repairs. You get quality car replacement parts at a fraction of the cost for something new and most times the parts include warranties and other guarantees. If you have a specific part that you are currently searching for, check out our inventory here you can search for parts according to your vehicles year, make, and model!

Check & Fill Tires as Needed

Checking your tires air pressure and tread depth is a simple task that you can do at home to make sure that your car is all good to go and that you don’t run into any unnecessary repair costs later on. Each car has the manufacturers recommended tire pressure in the owner’s manual or in the door jam of your vehicle, first take a look at where your tires air pressure should be, then use your pressure gauge on each tire separately. If you don’t have a pressure gauge, you can easily buy one online from amazon or from any hardware or home store. To check your tire depth, the easiest test is the “Lincoln test” with a penny. Place the penny head down into various grooves of your tires, if you are able to see the top of Abe Lincoln’s head, it’s time to get some new tires for your vehicle, if you cannot see the top of his head, you should be good for a little while yet! These are some easy ways to check your tires at home!

Learn Something New

Covid-19 has given a lot of people some extra time at home. So what we do with that extra time is pretty important. A great way to set yourself up for success for now and in the future is to learn a new skill for fixing your vehicle. There are tons of great resources online to help you to learn repair techniques and other things for your car. This sets you up for success in the future. Maybe it’s one of the things we listed above that you learn new, or maybe it’s something different like learning how to change your brake pads or windshield wipers. All of these skills will serve you in the future when you need your car repaired and it’s a great way to spend some of the extra time you might have on your hands right now.

Wash Your Vehicle

As simple of a tip as this might be, washing your vehicle can save you money. Keeping your vehicle washed and well kept will keep the exterior in good shape. A good wash will get rid of salt, bird droppings, and anything else that can cause damage to the paint and outside of your vehicle. Applying wax is also a great way to keep the outside of your car protected from anything that could cause rust or corrosion.

Check Your Air Filter

Lastly, checking and replacing your air filter is another easy DIY that you can do at home to save yourself some money. Air filters will get clogged over time and can affect your gas mileage and other car functionalities. It’s recommended that air filters are changed between 15,000 and 30,000 miles, but possibly more frequently depending on the types of roads you drive on and other factors. Do your research to learn more about your car and how to check your air filter, generally though it’s a pretty simple process of just removing the filter & seeing what kind of shape it’s in, if it needs to be replaces you can do so by buying and reinserting the new air filter easily.

We hope that these 8 tips will help you save money on car repairs in the midst of this crazy pandemic. We understand that life looks different for everyone right now and we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. If you have questions regarding our services and products here at Premier Auto Parts, please contact us today! Our team is happy to help you in any way that we can.