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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Used Car Parts

Does shopping for car parts confuse you? Well, we can tell you with confidence you are not alone! A vehicle is a complex object and if you do not understand the ins and outs, as most people don’t, of how it operates, it can be pretty intimidating to buy used car parts to keep it running efficiently. However, you are in good hands with Premier Auto Parts! We have skilled parts specialists at our shop who can help you choose, locate, and order/buythe right used car parts for your car.

Below we wanted to highlight some key questions for our customers to understand and ask for when you buy used car parts, from us or any other parts dealer. It is important to have a handful of questions in your back pocket before buying anything to make sure the quality and integrity is there.

Are these OEM or Aftermarket parts?

First, you need to understand the difference between OEM and Aftermarket price to determine which you would prefer.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer- these parts are made by the manufacturer that makes the car. For example, if you have a Toyota car then Toyota specifically makes the parts. These parts are designed by the manufacturer specifically for the year, make, and model.

Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are designed by non-manufacturer companies. When you use aftermarket car parts you will want to check they are compatible with your car and also, they don’t void any warranties or lease agreements that you might have on your vehicle.

You can understand now why it is important to know if the parts you are purchasing are OEM or Aftermarket parts! Aftermarket parts tend to be the riskier choice and have follow up questions such as is my warranty or lease agreement still valid after installing this part.

Are These Used Car Parts Rebuilt?

When purchasing used car parts, it is important to understand if they are rebuilt or not. Rebuilt car parts are very similar quality to brand new parts, but you enjoy the lower price point. This can be a smart purchase, even if they cost a little more than used parts that have not been rebuilt.

Are the Used Parts Compatible with My Vehicle?

Might seem like a silly question to ask but it is an
important one! It is important to know that the used car part you are
purchasing work properly with your vehicle. After all, if they are not the exact
fit for your vehicle, then they will not work well, even if they are of good
quality. Compatibility is often underrated. We tend to get hung up on asking
about price and discounts and forget to worry about the compatibility. Even the
best quality used part is of no use when it is not compatible with your

buy used car parts

Is There a Warranty?

Of course, this is an important question to ask. You will want to purchase parts that will work well and hold up. A helpful tip to ensure that you are buying high-quality parts and that your purchase is protected from parts not being of high-quality is by making sure that there is some type of warranty on them- even if it is only a short-term warranty. Sometimes used and rebuilt parts actually come with warranties- so do not forget to ask!

Am I Getting the Best Deal?

Of course, you want the best deal at the best price point and the best customer service. It is important to call around to check inventory and ask how much the part is and what is the labor charge. You would be surprised the variance between companies. Another helpful tool is to check out the company’s online reviews. What are people saying about this company and did they have a good experience with them. Especially in used & recycled automotive parts, integrity and quality behind a company is crucial! Do some research!

If you or someone you know are in need of automotive parts, please contact us today to see if we can help you out!

We offer a variety of used parts including: transmissions, engines, front & rear end axels & differentials, tires, and more!  You would be surprised to see how purchasing recycled or used car parts can save you time, money and also endure a great customer experience here at Premier Auto Parts!