3 Free Resources for Learning How to Repair Your Vehicle Yourself

Resources for Learning How to Repair Your Vehicle Yourself

Save Time & Money by Checking Your Essential Vehicle Fluids at Home!

We rely heavily on vehicles in todays day and age, and we all know how maintenance costs can add up quickly when it comes time to bring your car or truck into the mechanic. Learning how to check some of the most essential fluids of your vehicle at home can save you both time and money at your next maintenance check. Knowing how to assess your vehicle is a great skill to have and one that you will use for your lifetime. What are the 6 essential vehicle fluids that you can learn to check at home? Oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant, transmission fluid, and washer fluid – these are all important fluids that your vehicle has that you can check (and refill some if needed) to help cut down on your bill at your next mechanics visit.

Who would have thought Youtube would be our first free resource…Youtube has loads of information to learn pretty much how to do anything you could ever dream of wanting to do. Be cautious though, please only use reputable channels when trying to learn how to repair your vehicle, and remember, that each car, truck, and suv is completely different and informational or teaching videos might not be one size fits all.

ADPT Training is an automotive repair “training channel” they include videos on repairs, auto-technology, automotive software, and many DIY’s and professional “how-to’s”. This channel has over 178,000 subscribers and over 75 million views over the last 13 years that they have been a part of the Youtube community. With over 630 videos, it’s very likely that this channel has touched on the topic that you are searching for.


Eric the car guy is another great Youtube account that we would recommend following for lots of helpful car repair and informational videos. With 1.51 million subscribers, it’s obvious that he is a favorite for many people. Eric has been posting to Youtube faithfully since 2009 and now has a collection of over 800 vehicle videos to help you with any repairs, installations, modifications, or adjustments that you might be working on.

AA1car. is the Wikipedia for car repair. You can search repair topics by alphabet, or just common car problems. Not only that but there is a long list of topics to choose from, each article gives a detailed explanation as well as where you can start with the repairs. The website does have a lot of ads and pop-ups, but as long as you don’t mind skipping over those, this website is a great resource for lots of free informational content about any vehicle and what to do about issues that might pop up.

In the garage is another great free resource that is full of information, with car repair blogs posted very regularly, there is always more information being added to this wonderful resource. There are blogs on tire pressure, sensor issues and how to handle them, and tons of other applicable information for your vehicle repairs.

These free resources are some great places to start if you are interested in doing some vehicle repairs yourself. Check them out and see what you can learn today!