Repairable Vehicles

repairable vehiclesEvery day, thousands of cars, trucks, equipment, boats, RV’s, and motorcycles are damaged in accidents, thefts, fires, and floods. Many of these items are covered with insurance policies that will pay for the cost of the repairs. However, many times the damage to the item will exceed the value of, or a percentage of the value of the item. When this happens, it just doesn’t make sense to pay the high cost of repairs, and the insurance company considers this item a “total loss”.  At this point in the process the insurance company or appraisal company will either send the item to a special salvage dealer auction or will contact salvage buyers and secure private bids for such items. There are many factors that go into determining what makes something a “total loss”. In fact, many of these variables can become specific to each individual insurance company and / or individual state laws. Some of these repairable vehicles can have very limited amounts of damage, and some of these repairable vehicles can have significant amount of damage.

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Premier Auto & Truck Parts is given the opportunity to bid on 1000’s of repairable vehicles every year. The repairable vehicles we do buy, are immediately cleaned up and given a thorough inspection of the damage. Careful attention is given to every detail of the vehicle, and with today’s technology we are able to take dozens of pictures of each repairable vehicle. With this technology we can become “Your Eyes”, saving you time and money. We have buyers all over the world who are not able to look at our repairable vehicles in person, so they need to trust us, and they do. You can save money on your next vehicle purchase by shopping for a repairable vehicle. If you have a skill for repairing cars, or maybe you have a close friend or relative who owns a collision repair shop, you should be looking at fixing a repairable vehicle.

When purchasing a quality used repairable vehicle from Premier Auto & Truck Parts it is important for you, the consumer to know, that if repaired properly, these vehicles are just as safe as a new vehicle. In fact, most of the employees and their family members at Premier Auto & Truck Parts drive repaired vehicles that at one time were considered total loss vehicles.

In some cases repairable vehicles will be given a salvage title. It is important for you to know that when purchasing a salvage title repairable vehicle, you will need to have it inspected on the completion of the repairs and before it can be licensed and put back on the road. This is an important step in the process because it helps assure that these vehicles will be getting properly repaired. The inspectors are trained to look for stolen parts, full completion of the repair, and quality in the repair work done.

If you are looking for a repairable car, truck, SUV, boat, camper, ATV, motorhome, or snowmobile keep Premier Truck & Auto Parts in mind.