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Thank you for visiting Premier! You have just taken the first step to saving $$$ on your auto repairs. Here you will find that customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Are you tired of searching for auto parts and dealing with people who don’t want to talk to you? Do they make you feel like YOU are wasting THEIR time?

Premier Auto & Truck Parts is an automotive recycler that provides quality used auto parts to both wholesale and retail customers. In business since 2000, we have risen to the top as one of Michigan’s premier suppliers of recycled auto parts. We are committed to quality, integrity, and excellent customer service. Every part sold has at least an 180 day warranty with extended warranties available for up to a lifetime. In addition to selling auto parts, we also rent cars and sell repairable vehicles. STOP! At Premier Auto & Truck Parts you will be greeted with a friendly voice, and a helpful hand, EVERY TIME you call! Call us at: 1-800-397-6812. Read More

Specials & Promotions

We offer a $50 finders fee!

Do you have or know someone who has a vehicle that we may want to purchase?

Maybe you got into an accident and didn’t have insurance and you just need someone to buy your car because it’s not worth repairing?

If so, we are looking for any information leading to the purchase of a quality salvage vehicle. See how many you can come up with!  Contact Chris in our purchasing department if you have a lead.

TIRES:  We have sets of good, used tires you can see here. We also have good, used, individual tires starting at $20.00 each.

BATTERIES:  We also have good, tested, used batteries for $35.00 with a 1 year warranty!!!

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